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Fun and Exciting Games You Can Play Onboard Our Limousine

Fun and Exciting Games You Can Play Onboard Our Limousine

In addition to its spacious and luxurious interior, our limousine provides ample space for you and your friends to play games. This is one way you can make luxury transportation more fun and exciting, most especially when you’re traveling to long distances or will go through heavy traffic.

Before booking for our limo service in Seattle, Washington, keep in mind the distance it might take before you get to the venue. In the event you will take longer distances or go through congested traffic, you would most likely feel bored along the way. 

So, to enjoy long rides, here are some fun and exciting games you can play onboard our limousine:

  • Board Games
    Chess, Scrabble, and Snake and Ladder are examples of portable board games. They also train your mind to be focused while keeping you entertained throughout the game and thus distracting you from the boredom during the ride.
  • Card Games
    To kill the boredom in the middle of a long journey, you can play Uno, Solitaire, Tarot Game Cards, and other card games you can think of onboard. 
  • Mobile Games
    Yes, there are mobile games that you can play alone. But since you are traveling with your friends, try to take this as an opportunity to bond with one another—play in groups! There is a selection of mobile games you can play with them, such as Mobile Legends, Heads Up!, King of Opera, Psych!, etc. 

If you’re looking for this type of fun that no other general transportation services in Washington can provide, book a ride with us now! Our well-maintained luxury cars and professional drivers here at Catamaran Limo Service will keep you safe, fun, and comfortable along the way. 

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