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Have a Comfortable, Safe, and Healthy Journey

Have a Comfortable, Safe, and Healthy Journey

During a health crisis, it’s always important to observe precautionary measures to protect ourselves and the people around us, especially when traveling to and/or from your desired destinations. We should always be cautious about our health by preventing the spread of diseases while traveling onboard limousine cars.

Here are some of the evidence-based ways to prevent cross-contamination while onboard luxury transport vehicles:

  • Wear a face mask at all times. Make sure they completely seal all edges to ensure better protection.
  • Always bring an alcohol-based hand rub and apply it frequently.

However, whenever the authorities strictly implement social distancing measures, which may include urging everyone to stay at home, it’ll be for your best interest to comply. Should this affect your planned outing or special events, you may just postpone it and improve your itinerary. Be sure to make a clearer and more comprehensive travel plan. Make this situation an opportunity to make you more equipped for your next luxury travels. 

Furthermore, before booking a reservation for our limo service in Seattle, Washington, it’s always important to be healthy so that you can fully enjoy the entire journey and the entire event as well. 

When the time permits that you can travel already, choose Catamaran Limo Service as your luxury transportation provider. We are the most trusted and professional provider of limousine and general transportation services in Washington. Book a reservation with us today!

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