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It’s A Perfect Day to Get Engaged!

It’s A Perfect Day to Get Engaged!

Popping the big question to your significant other is a huge event. There’s a ton of planning and strategizing that goes into it. You have to figure out where you want it to be, how you want it to feel. Will there be firefly lights? Or will you go for the simple but very romantic candle lights?

Should you invite her friends and family? Or should this be an occasion that involves just the two of you?

If all these thoughts have crossed your mind, we at Catamaran Limo Service have got to hand it to you – you’re one romantic guy. And you must really love your significant other.

Aside from planning about the destination and people, however, you should also be thinking about how you want to get there.

Sure, a Limousine might be a dead giveaway to your plan, but if you’re going to take this big step in your life, you might as well go all the way!

Our Limo Service in Seattle, Washington is one that you will certainly not regret. Travel in luxury and style to absolutely anywhere your heart desires.

We also provide General Transportation Services in Washington for simple events such conferences, meetings, and others.

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