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Two Common Misconceptions About Limo Services

Two Common Misconceptions About Limo Services

Most people have several misconceptions about Limo Services in Seattle, Washington and this is generally what keeps people from trying them out – they assume that it’s not for them.

However, we at Catamaran Limo Service believe that everyone should try riding in a Limousine at least once in their life!

Together, let’s debunk the myths surrounding General Transportation Services in Washington.

  • Limos Are Exclusively for VIPs

    Limos have become an iconic image for the rich and famous. Actors, CEOs, and other high-profile characters are seen using them all the time.

    The truth, however, is that while limos are definitely the go-to choice for wealthy VIPs, anybody can take the opportunity and enjoy a ride in a limousine – even your kids! You don’t have to be rich for it. You just need to know a good service provider, like us!

  • Limo Are Too Expensive

    This would certainly be true if you were considering buying a limo. Renting one, however, is much more affordable than you think. You can go by the hour or just a one-way trip. All this you can negotiate with your service provider.

In conclusion, limousine services are not exclusive neither are they too expensive.

Complete that bucket list and get yourself a limousine ride, today!

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